Monday, 12 August 2013

Homework and Important Notices

Homework: I&E Prototype (TOMORROW) and Digital Poster (post it on the I&E Blog)

Important Notices:

1. Tomorrow there is no Mother Tongue, there is S&W. Mother Tongue would be shifted to Wednesday (S&W period: 2nd period)

2. Level Test starts next Monday. You should start your revision.

3. Topics tested (for those that did not pay attention in class)

English: Informal Letter (You can check the EL Blog for tips that I have posted)

Science: All the physics topics that we have learnt so far (Till Forces)
That means:
1. Physical Quantities and Units
2. Speed
3. Forces

Date: 21 August 2013 (Wednesday)

Duration: 1 hour
Calculator is allowed.

Topics that will be tested:

1. Basic Algebra and Algebraic Manipulation
2. Linear Equations & Simple Inequalities
3. Factorisation
4. Percentage
5. Functions & Linear Graphs (Pg 1-10)
6. Statistical Data Handling
7. Ratio, Rate & Speed

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