Thursday, 4 July 2013

Important Notice + [Homework (just for today)] XD

Before the homework:

********Important Notice!!! Tomorrow is the Cosplaying Day! If you don't want to cosplay as anyone, you may come in your regular school uniform or PROPER home attire. As stated by Mr Ng, the Disciplinary Master in the Student Blog:

Dear students, Please be reminded that for the Dress and Pledge Day tomorrow, you will still need come in clothes that is appropriate and decent. As a general rule, please do not come in singlets, slippers, shorts, revealing clothes or clothes with offensive prints /words on them. If you are unsure, please do check with your FT. Thank you and have a great day dressing up!********
Now, for the Homework,

EL: For those that did not hand it their comprehension or book review, make sure you hand it in to her by tomorrow

MA: Homework 6A (Due next Tuesday, 9 July)

SCI: Today is the last day you can complete the quizzes on the physics google site

IH: Performance Task (Due 26 July)

I&E: Performance Task (Due [I think this week])

ADMT: Form up your group and do the work that your respective ADMT teacher (Mr Irfan or Ms Seah) has assigned you.

IRS: Access this link to access the padlet wall on "What is research?" (Due: Next Thursday, 11 July)

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