Saturday, 27 July 2013

Homework (Very Sorry for the late post)

Maths: Complete all the Shinglee Workbook Exercises mentioned in the booklet.

Science: Prototype of Project

ADMT: A note from Miss Tina:

To S105 Students 


Please complete and update the following in your journal before class next week 

1) Generate as many ideas based on the Shape Borrowing exercise. 
a) Minimum 2 sheets of A4 paper filled with exploration of ideas 
- search for samples on ‘furniture design, concept or development sketches’ to give you an idea of what is expected. 
b) State your Problem Statement 
c) Indicate, WHAT you are designing, WHO you are designing it for and WHERE is the location. 

2) Select a design for Further Development 
a) Develop the selected idea further by doing more detailed sketches 
b) List the points that you have considered based on the selected idea 
c) List down at least THREE criteria that you have taken into account in the development of your design 
d) How did you arrive at these criteria 
c) Indicate how these criteria have shaped your design development 

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