Monday, 7 January 2013

Tentative Class Rules

  1.  Only one person should be talking at one point of time.
  2.  Cadets should take out a book to read when there is no adult in the classroom.
  3.  No unnecessary cheering, hooting, shouting or cat-calling will be tolerated.
  4.  LDs are to be tilted to 45༠ when any captain is speaking.
  5.  Every cadet should be responsible for the spaceship cleanness.
  6.  All LDs should be placed in the lockers outside the spaceship during break. No LDs should be left unattended.
  7.  No cadet will ever try to open or play with their fellow cadets' lockers. Not following this will result in expulsion by air lock.
  8.  All cadets will be polite to one another, as well as seniors and captains.
  9.  No usage of communication devices such as space phones will be allowed.
  10.  Cadets should show integrity, tolerance, respect, responsibility, honesty and all the Ten Cs.
Feel free to comment or amend this rough sketch of rules for S. S. Earhart.

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  1. jodie please remove this because we have too many class rules